Into The Grave 2018 will take place on August 10 and 11, in the center of the town Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, which is also the European capital of 2018! The following bands will perform on Friday August 10: Gojira, Delain, Decapitated, Orden Ogan, Toxic Holocaust and Toxic Shock. The following bands will perform on Saturday August 11: Behemoth, Children of Bodom, At The Gates, Paradise Lost, Suicidal Tendencies, Dying Fetus, Gloryhammer, Goatwhore and Dust Bolt.

Tickets for the festival are on sale now via A weekend ticket costs EUR 55, a single ticket for Friday is EUR 30 and a single ticket for the Saturday is EUR 40 (a service fee of 3,50 EUR will be added to the ticket). Get your tickets here!

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Into the Grave – campsite

The campsite is located at the Rengerspark in Leeuwarden, which is not directly next to the festival area. This is also the location that you can insert into your GPS. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes to walk from the campsite to the festival grounds. If you are staying...

Decapitated replaces Metal Allegiance at Into the Grave 2018

After the cancellation of Metal Allegiance, a replacement has been found in the form of the Polish groove death metal act Decapitated. The musicians of Decapitated started playing metal on an early age. Over the years, the band managed to build a reputation and a name...

Festitent at Into The Grave 2018

Are you planning on camping at Into the Grave, but does the hassle of putting up the tent and bringing along an entire camping gear not really appeal to you? We have a solution for that. It is possible to rent a tent at FestiTent this year! FestiTent rents out...

Into the Grave afterparty: The Black Dahlia Murder

If you are not done with headbanging after the festival has ended, you can visit the venue Neushoorn for an epic afterparty. There will be an afterparty on both festival days and there is no entrance fee for festival visitors. On August 11, The Black Dahlia Murder...

Gojira, Behemoth and more confirmed for Into the Grave 2018

Dutch metal festival Into the Grave announces new names, including the two headliners of the festival: progressive band Gojira and blackened death metal formation Behemoth. More bands have been confirmed, namely Delain, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Allegiance, Orden...

Large Popmerchandsing


In recent years, the name of French progressive metal band Gojira has not gone unnoticed. Their sixth and most recent album, Magma (2016), is a release that ended high up on many year lists of metalheads and metal media around the world and not without good reason. Magma is described as artistic, diverse and mostly unforgettable by multiple (online) magazines. The four musicians also received a Grammy for ‘Best Rock Album’ and their single Silvera got rewarded with the title of ‘Best Metal Performance’. In 2017, Gojira toured the entire world, selling out many venues and giving an incredible show at Dynamo Metal Fest. Into the Grave will be next!

Very different from Friday’s headliner Gojira, but from the same, albeit dark, quality is the music of the Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth. The band, led by the front man Nergal, has existed for about 25 years, but especially in the last years the star of Behemoth has been ascending. The albums Evangelion (2009) and The Satanist (2014) were immensely popular among the metal crowd. The blasphemous metal of Behemoth also works in a live setting: during the last tours, the band would regularly play for a sold out venue. Into the Grave 2018 you can expect a spectacular show!

The Finnish metal band Children of Bodom does not really need an introduction. The group, fronted by guitar maestro Alexi Laiho, produced several metal records that every metal should own, including Follow the Reaper (2000) and Hate Crew Deathroll (2003). The most recent record, I Worship Chaos, dates back to 2015 and features trademark COB melodies, yet is also sounds heavier than ever before. The Finns will release a new album this year, which, with no doubt, will sound relentless once more. Hate Crew Leeuwarden, are your ready for this?

The Swedish death metal band At The Gates is known as one of the pioneers of the Gotenburg death metal sound. With the release of the band’s breakthrough album Slaughter Of The Soul (1995), the Swedes received a legendary status and carved out a place for themselves in metal history. After a break of more than ten years, At The Gates returned to the stage and release the come back album At War With Reality (2014). With this record, the band that their place at the top is still a rightfull one. It is rumoured that the band is currently working on a follow-up and undoubtedly it will be possible to hear some new songs at Into the Grave 2018.

UK Doom Metal band Paradise Lost is known for being one of the pioneers of the Doom/Death genre and to this day very few bands are able to reach the level of the music and status of this world famous band. Paradise Lost played Into The Grave in 2013 and 5 years later we are more than happy to welcome them again. Recently they released their album Medusa, named after the mythical Greek monster. Vocalist Nick Holmes researched the nihilistic symbolism of this creature and found a way to translate it into fascinating music.

Symphonic metal band Delain started in 2002, founded by keyboardist Martijn Westerholt (ex-Within Temptation). The first album called Lucidity saw the light of day in 2006. In the past decade Delain released 5 studio albums. With “We Are The Others” (2012) the band experienced its big breakthrough and toured the entire world. Their most recent release is Moonbathers (2016) and the DVD “A Decade of Delain, Live in Paradiso”. After celebrating this milestone, the band is excited to step into the next decade, which includes a performance at Into The Grave 2018.

Fronted by founder and only original member remaining Mike Muir, the crossover/thrash/punkband Suicidal Tendencies has been making a lot of noise since the 80ies. With their nameless debut album the band received a lot of attention on MTV and in the 10 years after that Suicidal Tendencies enjoyed many successes. After two hiatuses, the band returned in 2013 with two new releases; 13 and World Gone Mad, which are viewed as the band’s comeback albums. We are happy to welcome these veterans on the stage Into The Grave 2018.

The Polish musicians of the groove death metal act Decapitated started playing metal on an early age. Over the years, the band managed to build a reputation and a name for themselves, with their recognizable groovy and catchy riffs. Disaster intervenes when one of the band members passes away after an accident with the tour bus. Single remaining guitarist Vogg calls it quits and joins the band Vader for a while, until he resurrects Decapitated in 2009. The band releases a couple of powerful albums, including Carnival is Forever (2011) and Antikult (2017). Decapitated does not break with tradition on this album, meaning that the listener is treated with a couple of massive grooves!

Heavy, heavier, heaviest. The unwieldy, pounding Death Metal by Dying Fetus isn’t made for those with fragile souls. The band arose in 1991 and has become one of the reigning acts in the Death Metal/Grindcore genres. Earlier this year the band came with a new feat: ‘Wrong One To Fuck With’. With this album the band succeeds at keeping their reputation high; it is filled with technical climaxes and catchy songs, but mostly riffs and vocals of mass destruction. Make sure to tie your shoelaces and get ready for the pit!

The German power metal collective Orden Ogan combines power metal with progressive- and folk elements. With Ravenhead (2014) and their most recent album Gunmen (2017) the band won over many new fans and was able to level up to other well-known bands in their genre, such as Powerwolf and Hammerfall. Their success was also confirmed by countless sold out shows during their tour through Europe with Rhapsody On Fire, which included a show in Doornroosje, Nijmegen. The band has even been called the successor of Running Wild and Blind Guardian, so this is surely a promising band.

The American Trash Metal band Toxic Holocaust was born in 1999, when Joel Grind united his love for Punk and Trash Metal in what was, in his opinion, the ideal (one man) band. Grind is mainly influenced by bands such as Bathory, Venom, English Dogs, Possessed and Broken Bones, which is why songs by Toxic Holocaust are loaded with screaming riffs and rough vocals. Their latest achievement of the band is Chemistry of Consicousness (2013) and we are certain some of these razor sharp songs will welcome the creation of a massive wall of death.

Gloryhammer is a British/Swedish power metal band, founded in 2012 by Alestorm frontman and keyboardist Christopher Bowes. It won’t come as a surprise that the combination of humor and metal are the foundation of this group. The band members, otherwise known as the Heroic Fantasy Power Metal Warriors, look like parodies on many Power Metal musicians. Expect epic battle songs, melodic guitar licks and get ready to sing along to songs such as “Quest for the Hammer of Glory” as loud as you possibly can.

Former Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist Sammy Duet started Goatwhore in 1997. Their first release is a demo called Serenades To The Tides Of Blood. After this, their debutalbum Eclipse Of Ages Into Black was well received by the fans of extreme Metal. Earlier this year, Goatwhore came with their newest album, Vengeful Ascension, about which frontman Ben Falgoust said the following: “We wanted it raw. We wanted it organic. We wanted it to sound the way we do in the live setting.”. Goatwhore’s live performance is solid as a rock, so we are definitely looking forward to it!

Armed with fierce guitar riffs and razor sharp vocals, the German thrash metal band Dust Bolt has managed to catch the attention of many metalheads worldwide since the group started out in 2007. The four piece has shared the stage with many well known acts in Europe and the States already: Exodus, Insanity Alert, Obituary and Power Trip. Dust Bolt’s impressive studio albums Violent Demolition (2012), Awake The Riot (2014) and Mass Confusion (2016) are characterized by the hybrid sound between hardcore and thrash metal. This sound also got the musicians a deal at the renowned label Napalm Records. A new record is in the making, so at Into the Grave 2018, we’ll be able to enjoy a couple of new, heavy songs.

Belgian thrash metal/hardcore formation Toxic Shock is inspired by top notch metal and crossover acts such as Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags and Testament. As you can suspect from this list of inspirations, the band sounds relentless, adds a groove to the mix and finishes the songs off with a distinct eighties vibe. Last year, the band released the album ‘Twentylastccentury’, which the well known metal zine Metalsucks dubbed as one of the best thrash metal records of 2017. Find out yourself at Into the Grave 2018 and get swept off your feet by the musical force is this upcoming band!



Tickets for Into The Grave are on sale now via our official partner Ticketmaster. Do not buy your tickets elsewhere, you might be tricked into paying more than necessary. A weekend ticket costs EUR 55, a single ticket for Friday is EUR 30 and a single ticket for the Saturday is EUR 40 (a service fee of 3,50 EUR will be added to the ticket). Get your tickets here!

During Into The Grave 2018, it will be possible to camp in the city park called Rengerspark. You will need a camping ticket, EUR 15 (same service fees apply) for each person. Do you want to stay the night in a campervan? In that case you will need a ticket for the van of EUR 25 (same service fees apply). Please note, if you come with the van, you will also need to have a ticket for the campsite. So, will there be two people in your campervan, you will need one ticket for the van and two tickets for the persons in the van. The campsite will be opened from Friday August 10, 12:00 CET until Sunday August 12, 14:00 CET. Tickets for the campsite are available here here!

Are you planning on camping at Into the Grave, but does the hassle of putting up the tent and bringing along an entire camping gear not really appeal to you? We have a solution for that. It is possible to rent a tent at FestiTent. FestiTent rents out ready-to-use camping spots on festivals. Forget about the hassle in the car park, dragging your camping gear to the entrance or the fight with your tricky tent. Just bring your ‘festival essentials’ and enjoy your festival happening from the moment you arrive. Reserve your tent here.


Festival area and time schedule

Into The Grave is held at the square called the Oldehoofsterkerkhof, in the center of the town Leeuwarden, in front of a croocked, historic tower. Check out the location here. Into The Grave will be held on August 10 and 11, 2018. When the times of the festival have been announced, you will be able to find them on this website. Stay tuned!


Bicycles can be parked in the bicycle stands at Tresoar (the Provincial Archive), next to AFÛK on the opposite side of the street.

You can easily park your car in the garage below the festival grounds (the Oldehoofsterkerkhof). Other options are the garage at het Zaailand or Het Hoeksterend, both of which are located within walking distance from the festival. On the website about parking garages in Leeuwarden you will find the official P-route, an overview of all the parking garages and of course the prices and business hours. Please note: on Saturday afternoon it can be crowded because of the people going into the city center to go shopping.

Leeuwarden has two free P+R (Park + Ride) locations: you will park a bit further from the festival grounds – but it is free and it takes only a few minutes by bus (1 euro) to get to your destination. These free parking locations are at het Klaverdijkje near the eastern city ring, and at the WTC-Expo near the western city ring.

It’s also possible to park at the P+R on the Wijnhornsterstraat (close to the Central Station), which costs 4 euros a day.

Food and drinks

There will be several food stalls at Into The Grave and you pay the food and drinks with tokens. A token is €2,75 a piece. A normal cup of beer is 1 token. You can buy the tokens at the festival area, You have the option of paying cash or with card.

At Into The Grave we like sustainability, which means that we have a deposit system for our cups. This means that you pay 1 token as deposit for your cup at the beginning of the festival, meaning 1 token for the cup, 1 token for the drink.

When you will buy a new drink, you will hand in your empty cup with a new token for your drink. You can exchange your empty cup for a token at the bar, the entire day of the festival. At the end of the festival you will have two options: exchange your empty cup for a token (at the bar!), which you can hand in at the cash register for money (also possible during the entire day). The second option is to hand in your empty cup in at the bar, for a new drink in a soft cup. Please note: this will only happen at the end of the festival, when the last band is about to finish.

The catering is brought to you by the company Event-catering. You can buy vegetarian snacks, fries, snacks, hamburgers and more there.

Public transportation

The festival is held right in the center of the town Leeuwarden, which makes it very easy to travel to Into The Grave by public transport. You will find the train station of Leeuwarden within walking distance of the festival. Plan your journey by train on the website of NS and/or check out the location of the festival on Google Maps.

People with disabilities

The square Oldehoofsterkerkhof is asphalted, so if you are in a wheelchair, you can still enjoy the festival. There is no seperate stage for people in wheelchairs but there are special toilet facilities. Crowd surfing with a wheelchair is allowed. You are not allowed to bring your own food, unless it is for medical reasons and you can show us that. Any questions? Let us know!

Rules of the grave

Party hard at the graveyard!
Into The Grave is a festival that is mainly organised by volunteers. Be nice to them and to each other. Everyone is working as hard as they can and they are doing their best to make this festival a great experience for you, that includes the people behind the bar, at the cash registers and the food stalls.

Make sure you drink enough water when it’s warm and do not forget eat something. Take care of yourself, your friends and others around you. Bring and wear ear plugs and do not harass people who might have a different view on life. Show everyone that metalheads are open minded!

As organisation we are working hard to bring in the best metal bands. However, we cannot prevent (last-minute) cancellations or tour cancellations due to accidents or other force majeur reasons. So if your favorite bands should cancel the festival for whatever reason, we cannot refund your money.

Things you will leave at home:
Glass, cans, your own food and drinks, flag poles, umbrella’s, walking sticks (unless for medical reasons), weapons, (hard)drugs, sharp objects (drinking horns, wrist bands with sharp spikes), sharp bullet belts, paint spray cans and your pet. You can only bring a professional camera when you have been granted a press accreditation. You are allowed to bring your kids, however, every kid needs a ticket, so that includes infants and babies. Also, you are solely responsible for their (ear) protection.

You can bring:
Normal, small camera’s, small spray cans with deodorant, wrist bands or belts without sharp spikes. Are you in doubt whether or not you can bring a certain object? Ask us!

A couple of other rules

Police, security and extra volunteers will keep an eye out for your safety during the festival. We expect you to cooperate with us when it comes to possible bag checks at the entrance or when security gives you certain instructions.

At the entrance your ticket will be scanned. If it’s valid, you will be allowed to access the festival grounds. Visitors attending Into The Grave receive a wristband. With the wrist band you’ll also have free access to the afterparty. Without it you have to pay the entrance fee.

Age Limit
Everyone is welcome at Into The Grave. Are you under 16 years old? Then you have to be accompanied by an adult in order to get access to the festival grounds. Considering the volume of the sound and the expected number of people, we strongly discourage you to bring baby’s or young children to the festival. Stubborn? Then please, at the very least, make sure to bring sufficient hearing protection for your kids. And no, there isn’t a special kids’ discount.

You have to be 18 years or older to be allowed to drink beer. If you are 18+, if needed, you can get a wristband to proof that you are old enough to drink. These are available at the entrance, all you have to do is show your ID. Without the wristband you will not be able to order beer, even if the bartenders are hesitant about your age. Waving your ID in their faces is useless, so make sure you get a wristband!

Rain or Shine
Umbrella’s are very annoying, because they block the view of the people behind you. This is why you are not allowed to bring them. If it’s raining a lot, you can get a poncho at the merch booth. In case of very warm weather, we’ll make sure there is extra water and ice cream available. If this is the case, please don’t forget your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

We have to clean up the festival grounds, so it’s not allowed for visitors to leave behind loads of flyers. However, putting up a poster isn’t a problem. If you’d like to hand out flyers at the entrance, you have to ask us and the municipality of Leeuwarden for permission in advance. The risk of having to clean it up is yours. Selling goods on the festival grounds without permission from the organization is strictly prohibited.

They might be very cute, but a festival isn’t the right place to take your pets. If you’re dependent on a guard dog, then you are obviously allowed to take it with you. However, -for the sake of the animal-, we highly discourage you to do so.

Hassles and Disturbances
That’s something we don’t like. Therefore, don’t climb the fences or onto the stage. Damages will be reported to the police, as well as theft (pickpockets!), intimidation and physical violence. In case of destruction, you will receive a bill for the damages done.

Rules for the campsite

Rules for the campsite

Camping is allowed SOLELY on the official Into The Grave camping. Anyone who would like to camp here, has to own a camping ticket. Cars will not be allowed onto the campsite. These can be parked (paid) on the nearby parking grounds.

For campers, caravans and folding trailers a separate campingticket needs to be purchased for each vehicle, aside from the regular campingticket. For campers, caravans etc. there will be a space available of 20m2 (around 5 x 4 meters) per vehicle. If you need more space, you’ll have to buy more campingtickets!

– The opening hours of the campsite are from Friday August 10th at 12.00 until Sunday August 12th at 14.00;
– Camping gear may only be assembled in the places that are reserved for it. Areas that have been marked off MUST be kept free for emergency services.
– Any instructions given by the camping crew must be followed!
– Open fire and gas bottles are prohibited. There will be check-ups on this;
– Glass items and pets are prohibited;
– Fireworks and other items that can be seen as weapons are prohibited;
– It is prohibited to bring drugs onto the campsite;
– There is no power supply, this goes for campers/caravans as well;
– There needs to be enough space (at least 2 meters) between tents/campers/etc.
– Aggregrates are prohibited because of safety reasons and possible nuisance;
– There are sanitary facilities present at the campsite. We expect our visitors to keep these clean;
– Please get rid of your thrash by depositing it into one of the thrash containers;
– Security will be present. These people are licensed to deny entrance to anyone who causes nuisance;
– Into The Grave also has the right to deny entrance to the campsite or remove anyone who doesn’t follow up on the rules;
– First aid will be present;
– It is prohibited to play loud music on the campsite;
– Into The Grave is not responsible in case of injury, theft, damage or loss of items.

Don’t put the permit for the campsite and the festival at risk; don’t cause nuisance and don’t litter on the way from and to the campsite. By buying a ticket, you agree to these rules.

Metal market

The festival area has a metal market. Here you can buy Into The Grave merch (but hurry, since the festival merch tends to sell out quickly), but also band merchandise, CD’s, vinyl, patches, clothing and other things. Make sure you bring some cash, since not all of the stalls accept card payments. Are you interested in having a stall at out metal market? Send us a mail.


Into The Grave is organised by:

Booking agency Loud Noise
Festival promoters: Paul van Berlo and Tjerk Maas
Head of volunteers: Dorien Padding
PR: Laetitia Abbenes
Design: Linda Posthuma
Website: Andreas Meerstra
Production: GK Producties
Bandproductie: Ruben Langerak and Johan Koster
Catering: Danny Geurtsen, Michael van der Zee and Miranda Domenie
Stage management: Johan Koster and Alrik Bosgraaf

A special word of thanks goes out to: the Loud Noise team, Robert de Leeuw, Jacqueline Stuifbergen and Michiel Schluter, all the volunteers working at Into The Grave and the companies/institutions that help out Into The Grave voluntarily or against a reduced price.


Do you have a question or feedback for us? Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Do not hesitate to send us a message. The line-up is already full, so mailing us with your band application is not very useful. Press and photo passes for Into the Grave 2018 can NO longer be requested.

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