Alien Weaponry

Maori thrash

Thrash metalband Alien Weaponry is volgens vele critici en magazines een van de meest geprezen jonge metalbands ter wereld. Deze critici zijn niet de enige die dit vinden.

Sinds midden 2017, toen hun derde single "Ru Ana Te Whenua" uitkwam, hebben fans, bloggers, de muziekindustrie en de media over de hele wereld verbaasd over Alien Weaponry's unieke mix van thrash metal en hun moedertaal, Te Reo Maori.


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Alien Weaponry instagram

And so as not to leave our friends in Finland 🇫🇮 out we can also announce that we are playing Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in 2019 with some now familiar names ... WICKED \m/\m/ @tuskafestival #europeantour2019
As promised ... we are super excited to announce more festival dates for 2019 ... and YES it’s Epicenter Festival in NORTH AMERICA ... you guys have been showing us so much love on our current USA adventure that WE ARE COMING BACK!!! ... Not just this, but we have ANOTHER announcement for you tomorrow \m/\m/ #americantour2019
Up early and hitting the road for Asheville ... F*cking shit tone of snow EVERYWHERE ... See you guys TONIGHT \m/\m/ #americantour
Philadelphia ... you CRAZY Motherf*ckers!!! What a welcome you gave us ... we had an AWESOME time and can’t wait to come back ... we are now halfway to Asheville and in a couple of feet of SNOW ... will get to you all by tomorrow night \m/\m/ #northamericantour
As promised for our Belgian fans ... here is our 9th European festival announcement ... ALCATRAZ MUSIC festival 2019 ... see you all there \m/\m/ #europeantour2019
NYC PART 2 ... you guys fucking ROCK!!! ... we’ve had a MASSIVE time in New York ... we love you guys and we will be back ... Philadelphia we WILL be with you tonigh!!! \m/\m/ @irvingplaza #northamericantour
Fantastic night at the iconic Irving Plaza in New York City last night ... who’s ready to do it all again TONIGHT? \m/\m/. #americantour
Just chillin’ with Uncle Al \m/\m/
Washington DC ... MASSIVE night with you guys at the iconic Fillmore ... WICKED!!! ... NYC here we come \m/\m/ #northamericantour
Big shoutout to this cool dude Damian who won the Napalm Records free pass and meet and greet in Toronto ... In fact we will meet and greet with ANYONE after our set at EVERY show so we took him out after for a Canadian fast food eat and greet and hooked him up with some free stuff ... he had traveled 6+ hours from Ottawa to be at the show ... WICKED!!! \m/\m/ @adventure_damien #canada #northamericantour #napalmrecords
ROCHESTER NY!!! ... yeeeaah ... you smashed it ... WICKED night with y’all ... Silver Spring Washington DC ... here we come \m/\m/ #americantour


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