Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich is een Amerikaanse thrash metal band uit Phoenix, Arizona, die in 1985 werd opgericht.

De interesse van vocalist Phil Rind lag in sociaal bewuste en politieke speed metal. Na verschillende albums op Metal Blade Records tekende ze voor een korte periode bij Hollywood Records, maar keerde later terug naar Metal Blade om hun muzikale carrière voort te zetten.

De band stopte in 2000, maar werd in 2006 herenigd. Sacred Reich is befaamd, samen met Testament, Destruction, Death Angel en Dark Angel, voor het leiden van de tweede golf thrash metal in de late jaren tachtig.


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Sacred Reich instagram

Excited to be returning to Brutal Assault! #sacredreich #newrecord #summer2019
We are excited to be returning to @brutal.assault!
Lots of Dime memories yesterday. It's hard for me connect the brightness of his life with the awful way that he died. We did one tour with Pantera in 1993 and I didn't know Dime real well, but he epitomized all the best parts of what a "rock star" was. Fun, energetic, outgoing, funny, out of control and kind. He was the ringleader of the party. He was an outsized guitar player with a personality to match. He is the Randy Rhoads of his generation. The guitar hero taken too soon. We are fucking lucky that we got to tour with Pantera at the height of their powers on the Vulgar Tour. It was killer to hang out with those guys and see them crush every night. We are glad we got to know Dime, Vince, Rex and Phil. Nothing but great memories. Peace and love to Dime and Vince.
@deaf.forever asked what our favorite 5 records of 2018 are. Here is a list in no particular order. Judas Priest is 5b @aperfectcircle @turnstiletribe @highonfireband @thesoulflytribe @powertriptx #sacredreich #newrecord #summer2019
#flashbackfriday When @davemcclaindrums had hair and played in Sacred Reich #sacredreich #newrecord #summer2019
Working on everything all at once. #sacredreich #newrecord #summer2019
We are excited to return to Spain @rockfestbcn
We are excited to return to Spain at Rock Fest Barcelona @rockfestbcn!
Still love this shirt. I dig the winter OD on the back. #sacredreich #newrecord #summer2019


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