Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich is een Amerikaanse thrash metal band uit Phoenix, Arizona, die in 1985 werd opgericht.

De interesse van vocalist Phil Rind lag in sociaal bewuste en politieke speed metal. Na verschillende albums op Metal Blade Records tekende ze voor een korte periode bij Hollywood Records, maar keerde later terug naar Metal Blade om hun muzikale carrière voort te zetten.

De band stopte in 2000, maar werd in 2006 herenigd. Sacred Reich is befaamd, samen met Testament, Destruction, Death Angel en Dark Angel, voor het leiden van de tweede golf thrash metal in de late jaren tachtig.


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#Repost @davemcclaindrums @sacredreichofficial rehearsals are kicking ass and we’ll be more than ready when we hit the studio on February 1st! #yamahadrumsofficial #zildjian #teamremo #metalbladerecords #awakening
So stoked to be playing with our idols Slayer! Slayer and Metallica have always been our biggest influences. We wouldn't be who we are without them. @slayerbandofficial @metallica
#Repost @kevinestradaphotography • • • • • PHOTO OF THE DAY SACRED REICH November, 1992 Grand Canyon, AZ Photo © Kevin Estrada / www.KevinEstrada.com #sacredreich #sacredreichband #sacredreichofficial #thrashmetal #philrind #kevinestradaphotography #grandcanyon
We look forward to our journey together. Thank you for making it possible.
Looking back at our top 9 of 2018. Looking forward to an EPIC 2019!
In 1988 on Christmas Eve we flew to Germany for our first shows in Europe. We were the opener for Motorhead's No Sleep at All German Christmas Festival. Death Angel had to cancel at the last minute and we were chosen to replace them. It was an awesome lineup with Motorhead, Destruction, Candlemass and Coroner. We has a good laugh when we saw the tour posters and Death Angel was still on them. We were a surprise guest. The first night in Bremen Motorhead arrived late. They were tired and wanted to go on early. Someone would have to play after them. Guess who? Yep, yours truely on our first night in Europe. I freaked out. I was jabbering backstage to Greg about this crazy situation when Lemmy walked up behind me. He looks at me and says to Greg "He always whine this much?" Fucking great. Now Lemmy thinks I am a pussy. Motorhead finishes their set and the 5,000 metalheads in attendance head for the doors. Maybe 300 kids stick around to check us out. In that big hall it looked like 30. All I can remember about our set is that the sound just swirled and echoed around that huge empty room. We'll I guess we all have to start somewhere. We had a blast everynight. To this day I have never heard a louder band onstage than Motorhead. Everything louder than everything else indeed! After all the shows we'd head back to the hotel and party with Destruction, Candlemass and Coroner. Motorhead stayed at a different hotel so we didn't see Lemmy or Phil Taylor, but Wurzel and Phil Campbell came and hung out. Everyone got along and we drank and smoked well ino the night. We were lucky to be with such a great group of people. After a few shows I lost my voice. I could barely talk. Phil Campbell would laugh and say "You sound like Lem!". After our final set of he tour Lemmy came up to me backstage. He put an Ace of Spades pin on the leather jacket I was wearing. Then he said "Here's for being nervous and making it through....and sounding a lot like me!" That was December 29, 1988. Lemmy rules.
#WileyWednesday 1988 @wiley.arnett Photo: Richard Peterson
Happy Holidays to all of you!


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