Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich is een Amerikaanse thrash metal band uit Phoenix, Arizona, die in 1985 werd opgericht.

De interesse van vocalist Phil Rind lag in sociaal bewuste en politieke speed metal. Na verschillende albums op Metal Blade Records tekende ze voor een korte periode bij Hollywood Records, maar keerde later terug naar Metal Blade om hun muzikale carrière voort te zetten.

De band stopte in 2000, maar werd in 2006 herenigd. Sacred Reich is befaamd, samen met Testament, Destruction, Death Angel en Dark Angel, voor het leiden van de tweede golf thrash metal in de late jaren tachtig.


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Sacred Reich instagram

John Aquilino (pictured here with Wiley) runs The Platinum Underground and engineered our record amongst other things. Fun fact: John played in the rock band Icon in the early 80's and as a young, aspiring guitar player Wiley took a lot of inspiration from John and Danny Wexler (Icon's other guitar player). John is a technical wizard, has a great ear and played an integral part in the making of the record. He and Dave worked for days setting up mics to get the drum sound Dave heard in his head. If Arthur is Luke Skywalker, John is OB-1. Go team! @wiley.arnett @philrind @davemcclaindrums @joeyradziwill @dehuman1zer Photo: @stephaniedcabral
Working with Arthur Rizk on this record was a killer experience. He had a lot of great ideas and made some important contributions to the songs.He has good timing because twenty years ago the idea of giving someone outside the band any creative license would have been unthinkable. Live and learn. Getting close to locking in a release date. 🤘 @dehuman1zer #olderandwiser
This is the Alcatraz you don't want to escape from! @alcatrazfestival #sacredreich #saxon
Freaky Friday! Just go back from band rehearsal for the upcoming US tour. It is sounding so killer! Can't wait to see you all out on the road. Don't miss out. @wiley.arnett @philrind @davemcclaindrums @joeyradziwill Photo @stephaniedcabral
Throwback to 1986. Playing at @gloriacavalera old bar The Bootlegger @philrind with original guitar player Jeff Martinek. We must be playing “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by @metallica . I can't think of any other reason to be playing so high up on the neck. #sacredreich #metallica #cliffburton #phoenix #oldschool #newrecord
Since the first time we ever stepped foot in Paris, France has always been a special place for me. I am sure I was French in a past life. Can't wait to return. 🇫🇷 @motocultorfestival
I love this! Wishing you all peace, love and togetherness. @wiley.arnett @joeyradziwill @davemcclaindrums @philrind Photo: @stephaniedcabral #peace #love #kindness #awakening
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